Mannequins: A Brief Look

Most of us watch movies all the time. And most of us are terrified of mannequins. There’s something about distortions of the natural human figure that stir, within most of us, an instinctual fear. I won’t begin to try explaining this.

On the contrary, I find that, while a bit off-putting, most mannequins are quite friendly and no less intriguing as character studies.

My brother paradoxically imitating the imitators

Most mannequins are just lonely, crave human attention, and are, in short, homeslices.

me and the homie

But not all mannequins are super friendly (or accurate). There are always exceptions.

…only in Las Vegas…

While “imitation is the highest form of flattery,” intentional divergence from the natural is the greatest form of insult. Mannequins are no different. Perhaps this is why this trio was placed behind glass. For us to ponder but never grasp, to behold but never comprehend. (Symbolism…for math? Maybe…)

But in the end, we must judge them by the majority…and most are super cool. One even stole my phone and took a selfie.

caption this

In conclusion – sure, we’re used to how the media portrays mannequins – scary, passive, hostile. But to truly know what they are like in real life, one must go no further than their local outlet mall.

Overcome your irrational fears;

They are irrational.






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