Author: Michael Metzler Jr.

  • NEW short film: “Nothing, a Wish” now on YOUTUBE

    NEW short film: “Nothing, a Wish” now on YOUTUBE

    Hey ya’ll, I finally posted my short film “Nothing, a Wish,” on YouTube! I’ve completed the primary filming for this short within the first several weeks of this semester, and have been sitting on it for a bit now, adding incremental touches to the sound editing and taking additional B-roll. I was inspired by the…

  • My Short Film Wins “Best Film” at CBU Film Festival!

    My Short Film Wins “Best Film” at CBU Film Festival!

    A bit before the CBU Film Festival, I posted my newest short film, “Simon Says,” to YouTube – it was a short film that I wrote, directed, edited, and starred in, with help from Emma Schoon as an amazing camera operator and supporting actress. It was filmed in 8 hours over the span of one…

  • My Youtube + New SHORT FILM

    My Youtube + New SHORT FILM

    Just posted my newest short film to my youtube channel! Check it out:

  • Night Photoshoot w/ Car Headlights

    Night Photoshoot w/ Car Headlights

    If you aren’t super keen on purchasing or renting a photography lighting set-up, using car headlights as a source of your key light actually gives some interesting results for night photography. (read more to see results)

  • Mannequins: A Brief Look

    Mannequins: A Brief Look

    Most of us watch movies all the time. And most of us are terrified of mannequins. There’s something about distortions of the natural human figure that stir, within most of us, an instinctual fear. I won’t begin to try explaining this. On the contrary, I find that, while a bit off-putting, most mannequins are quite…

  • Poetry: “The Cry of the Weatherman”

    Poetry: “The Cry of the Weatherman”

    Yo what’s up! It’s been a bit, so here’s my newest piece of poetry titled “The Cry of the Weatherman:”

  • “Two Strangers” – A POEM

    “Two Strangers” – A POEM

    Hey, coming at ya with some freshly made poetree. More surreal and metaphorical than most of my other poems (wait I take that back, all of them are already super metaphorical I think). But definitely more dream-like and intangible. With an interesting ABAC rhyme scheme, where only two of the four lines rhyme. Perhaps that…

  • Sneak Peak: “The Cashier” – a short story

    Sneak Peak: “The Cashier” – a short story

    One of my more recently completed short stories, aptly titled “The Cashier,” is now on Amazon as an eBook – this merits an explanation, does it not? Explanations to questions such as “what is this short story about?” and “is it worth the $0.99?” and even more rude questions like “and I care because…?” So…

  • Various Forms of Poetry

    Various Forms of Poetry

    When we think of a poem, no doubt there is one specific poem stereotype that surfaces in our mind. Perhaps Louis-Stevenson’s “whose woods are these, I think I know,” or the over-used “roses are red, violets are blue,” or something of the sort. Some may think poetry is merely any combination of rhyming words. Oh,…

  • “Island in a Water” – POETREE

    “Island in a Water” – POETREE

    “Island in a Water“ by Michael Metzler Jr. Behind my house, on the other Side of my garden, There’s a hill, and through this hill There is a burrow, that leads to a Different somewhere. I’m not certain Where this certain somewhere is, But it’s a place I like to go When the sky clams…