Mannequins: A Brief Look

Most of us watch movies all the time. And most of us are terrified of mannequins. There’s something about distortions of the natural human figure that stir, within most of us, an instinctual fear. I won’t begin to try explaining this.

On the contrary, I find that, while a bit off-putting, most mannequins are quite friendly and no less intriguing as character studies.

My brother paradoxically imitating the imitators
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“In the Heights” – MOVIE REVIEW

It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure to see a musical in movie theaters – especially a broadway-adaption. Besides, I thought, as I walked into the theater, it’s Lin Manuel Miranda, isn’t it? Didn’t he do a show called Hamilton or something and it was like really really good? (I’m a huge fan of Hamilton).

I watched it, and overall didn’t much like it. Here’s my review I originally posted on

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