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  • NEW short film: “Nothing, a Wish” now on YOUTUBE

    NEW short film: “Nothing, a Wish” now on YOUTUBE

    Hey ya’ll, I finally posted my short film “Nothing, a Wish,” on YouTube! I’ve completed the primary filming for this short within the first several weeks of this semester, and have been sitting on it for a bit now, adding incremental touches to the sound editing and taking additional B-roll. I was inspired by the…

  • Poetry: “The Cry of the Weatherman”

    Poetry: “The Cry of the Weatherman”

    Yo what’s up! It’s been a bit, so here’s my newest piece of poetry titled “The Cry of the Weatherman:”

  • “Two Strangers” – A POEM

    “Two Strangers” – A POEM

    Hey, coming at ya with some freshly made poetree. More surreal and metaphorical than most of my other poems (wait I take that back, all of them are already super metaphorical I think). But definitely more dream-like and intangible. With an interesting ABAC rhyme scheme, where only two of the four lines rhyme. Perhaps that…

  • Various Forms of Poetry

    Various Forms of Poetry

    When we think of a poem, no doubt there is one specific poem stereotype that surfaces in our mind. Perhaps Louis-Stevenson’s “whose woods are these, I think I know,” or the over-used “roses are red, violets are blue,” or something of the sort. Some may think poetry is merely any combination of rhyming words. Oh,…

  • “Island in a Water” – POETREE

    “Island in a Water” – POETREE

    “Island in a Water“ by Michael Metzler Jr. Behind my house, on the other Side of my garden, There’s a hill, and through this hill There is a burrow, that leads to a Different somewhere. I’m not certain Where this certain somewhere is, But it’s a place I like to go When the sky clams…

  • Poetree: Overcoming “Writer’s Orb”

    Poetree: Overcoming “Writer’s Orb”

    For weeks I was stuck inside a writer’s orb. Commonly mistaken as a “writer’s block,” this writer’s orb was even more discomfiting. It was round – it was all around me. Whereas a writer’s block has distinct edges and sides marking the lines between your boundless creativity and a lack thereof, a writer’s orb is…