My New Book Now on Amazon!

One of my favorite accomplishments during the quarantine of 2020 was finally completing and publishing my very first book on Amazon. A work over two years in the making, this book is a psychological drama examining the psyche of a boy in the middle of a new and tumultuous emotional environment. Although it was a rather tedious process to format it precisely how Amazon desired it to be, I eventually published it as an eBook in June 2020, with cover design done by my sister. Paperback became available much later on in the year as I tried to figure out the rocket-science behind paperback formatting.

me, holding my author’s copy

Being just 99 pages, my book, titled “Memories of Light,” is technically a novella, having the advantage of being easily readable in one sitting (even if you’re only semi-dedicated)!

Given that the story is written in first-person narration, from the perspective of a 14-year-old boy, this story is easily readable for ages 13 and beyond. However, due to heavy subject matter, I would only recommend for ages 16 and up.

Along with that brief introduction, here’s a brief synopsis:

“Ishmael needs to escape. It all began when they moved to the city…something about his new home doesn’t feel right. Strange things begin happening at his new school, and his mother becomes increasingly distant. As Ishmael attempts to determine why all this is happening, troubling visions of the future fill his mind, leading him to discover the truth; a truth he’s been trying to hide from for a long time. Reality and dreamworld become intertwined in this enigmatic story of relationship, emotion, and trauma.”

And there you have it. A psychological, intensely captivating book, with an original premise and unique storyline. I hope this inspires you to order one from Amazon at this very moment. If it does, be sure to leave a review and let me know what you think!






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